Hey You Deadbeat


Current deadbeat/crook case files:

Vikram Jhaveri
vgjhav@hotmail.com; vgjhav@yahoo.com; vgjhave@ilstu.edu; vgjhave@csuchico.edu

300E Shelbourne
Normal, Il 61761


PO. Box 481
Normal IL, 61761

PO. Box 3332 *
Chico, CA 95928 - 9998

309-436-9555 (old number for archive sakes)
309-436-1683 (old number for archive sakes)

586-435-0675 *
530-591-9998 *
806-209-0837 *

Sign: Pisces *

HT: 5'10 WT: 135lbs
Race: Indian
Religion: Hindu

Image files *
evidence 1
evidence 2

Been tracking him for a bit over a year after he spammed a forum I happen to frequent with an AOL-Amazon scam. I don't take too kindly to assholes like him.

He claims to be an engineering student but loves to scam people using "free prize" websites. Someone should report him to Staples for buying staples Percent Off coupons from eBay.

(* Updated 04/07) Thanks to the updates from the guys/gals at Slickdeals.net. If any potential future employer is interested in him, you might want to pass on hiring him, scruples from the outside world often transfer into the working world. Is his Visa current? INS where are you?

Past deadbeats

Tim Mahoney
3515 Henry Hudson Pkwy #3F
Bronx, NY 10463

(old address was)
3721 Spring Valley Road #144
Addison, TX 75001
SSN: 459-89-1423

Is a dead beat. Call him up and remind him that he is one.